How do you clean the windows?

We employ two methods, one is the traditional method using squeege and soapy water we are happy to use this method, the other way is growing in popularity it is using purified water, this is used with a water fed pole, this method negates the use of ladders, it is fast and efficient with excellent results 

Do you call on a regular basis?

Yes we do we can arrange a regular service for you which is important when you want to maintain your windows ( see why clean your windows)

Also we are quite happy to do one off cleans

Do i have to be at home?

No we are happy to work with you not there as long as there is access to all the areas you want cleaned, we can arrange for payment with you.

Do you provide any other services?

Yes we do over the years we have developed many ares in the field of cleaning including Carpet cleaning (www.cleanbrightcarpet.eu) , gutter vacuuming and power washing , get in touch if you need any of these services.



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